The ultimate resource guide to Pinduoduo

The ultimate resource guide to Pinduoduo

Staff Writer
Staff Writer
Pinduoduo Content Team
May 1, 2021

Here is a compilation of resources and information about Pinduoduo that best explains what it is we do, how we go about doing it, and how we think about everything from social interaction to reimaginging supply chains.

Case Studies

Pinduoduo and the rise of social e-commerce

“In our view, Pinduoduo’s rapid success in social commerce will be replicated by others globally, which will continue to drive commerce in social-driven categories online. And so, to understand the success of Pinduoduo is to understand the future of global e-commerce.” -- Anu Hariharan, Nic Dardenne of Y Combinator

Pinduoduo and vertically integrated social commerce

“Like Amazon used books, PDD used fruit as a wedge to build what became one of the world’s largest ecommerce companies in five years.” -- Turner Novak, Banana Capital

Pinduoduo: Driving e-commerce in rural China to improve farmers’ livelihoods

“A key part of Pinduoduo’s initial user acquisition was targeting the untapped rural market of nearly 600 million people in China. In giving back to society, it aimed to create meaningful impact on farmers’ livelihoods.” -- Liang Hao, Cheah Sin Mei, Singapore Management University

Pinduoduo, Harvard Business School Case 620-040

“PDD pioneered a new approach to online shopping that allowed shoppers to share products, invite friends to form shopping teams, and purchase together at discounted prices.” -- Feng Zhu, Krishna G. Palepu, Bonnie Yining Cao, Dawn H. Lau

Pinduoduo Q&A With Lillian Li of Chinese Characteristics

Lillian Li, author of the Chinese Characteristics newsletter on Substack, poses a barrage of questions to us about our strategy, operations and outlook.

Pinduoduo: Defining interactive e-commerce

A white paper put together by Matthew Brennan for China Channel, defining interactive e-commerce, the new model of mobile-first e-commerce pioneered by Pinduoduo where “social” is but one element.

Secret behind Pinduoduo’s growth: Zero to 824 million users in 6 years

Hear it from Chen Lei, Pinduoduo Chairman and CEO, on what he thinks the secret sauce is and the way forward for the company.

Consumer-to-manufacturer revolution offers glimpse into retail’s future

We describe the thinking behind the pioneering C2M model that is remaking manufacturing and retail.

Digitization will unlock economic potential of China’s vast agricultural resources

We lay out the case for digitization of the agricultural supply chain and the benefits that technology can bring not just to the producers but also the consumers through productivity and yield gains, lower costs through less waste and loss.

Explainer: The difference between Pinduoduo’s Duo Duo Grocery and community group buying

Duo Duo Grocery is often mistakenly referred to as a “community group buy” but there are crucial differences.

Explainer: How Pinduoduo’s team purchase model differs from group-buying sites

Pinduoduo is often mistakenly compared to Group but again, there are fundamental differences in how we operate.


The complete history and strategy of Pinduoduo (Acquired)

“This story is chock-full of lessons that apply not only to China tech, but to high-growth company building and investing everywhere.” (1:51:45)

Pinduoduo: Rise of social commerce (Colossus)

Interview podcast with Xin Yi Lim, Pinduoduo director for senior corporate development, on what makes Pinduoduo attractive to buyers, its network dynamics and how the team purchase concept creates scaled demand. (56:09)

Pinduoduo on social commerce and agriculture (Analyse Asia)

Interview podcast with Xin Yi Lim on Pinduoduo and its impact on agriculture. (51:14)

Pinduoduo also hosts two podcasts - The China Ecommerce Podcast and the Agri Matters podcast, where we interview the movers and shakers in the fields of commerce and agriculture. Be sure to subscribe to our podcasts.


Our YouTube channel is a rich resource to understand Pinduoduo. It’s where we upload our explainer videos as well as some long-form documentary-style video that look at how e-commerce is changing the China’s producers, manufacturers and consumers. Don’t miss out! Subscribe to our channel today!

What is Pinduoduo? (Official app explainer)

A two-minute app explainer on how Pinduoduo works

How to get set up on Pinduoduo as foreign merchants (Official explainer)

Everything you need to know to get set up on Pinduoduo

How Duo Duo Orchard works by Pinduoduo

White animated explainer on gamified corporate social responsibility

How much do onions really cost?

A look at how Pinduoduo is able to lower the price of onions and aggregate demand for farmers by bypassing layers of middle men

Cizzle: A consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) case study

How Pinduoduo helped Cizzle tailor its products to suit Chinese needs, enabling it to make inroads into the vast China market and diversify its business from purely contract manufacturing for foreign brands.

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