The real reason why many people bought gaming PCs during lockdown

The real reason why many people bought gaming PCs during lockdown

Staff Writer
Staff Writer
Pinduoduo Content Team
September 15, 2020

When countries around the world went into lockdown because of Covid-19, many people found themselves working from home without the necessary equipment. Many turned to gaming PCs for their work needs.

“Gaming PCs allow you to be more productive because they're faster and they have higher-end components,” Ian Tan, Asia Pacific gaming lead at Lenovo, told Ada Yang on The China E-commerce Podcast.

“With this full-fledged machine, you can do zoom calls, video editing, PowerPoint, and your Word applications all at one go. This is really important for people who need to juggle looking after the family at home, cooking, doing errands, and working at home at the same time.”

Like many other tech companies, Lenovo has had to adjust its sales and marketing strategy as distribution moved increasingly online with the lockdowns.

The company has conducted more frequent livestreaming sessions to share information about the products and to engage with customers, said Tan. This is helped by the fact that video streaming is not that difficult to set up nor very expensive, he said.

For its livestreaming sessions, Lenovo worked with influencers in the region, taking apart the machines to allow viewers to see the insides, such as the placement of components and cooling systems.

“I did a livestreaming with one of the largest retailers in Asia earlier this year,” said Tan. “We did livestream for an afternoon, so customers were watching and asking questions in real time. ‘Could you show us the side of the laptop? Could you turn it around?’ And we answered technical questions. This was the live engagement that retailers have already started to do.”

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Lenovo has also conducted online media briefings and product launches for media and partners since April and tried to “get as close to them virtually as possible to show the product.”

“What the pandemic has done is to allow people to find out, if they have been forced to order online when there was a lockdown, is it more convenient for them? Is it a better experience? Or whether they still like to do it through (physical) retail?”

Despite people becoming more accepting of buying expensive products online, physical retail is not going away anytime soon as the live shopping experience is “quite something altogether,” said Tan.

“The most important thing for business owners is to ask yourself within each market, how does your customer like to shop and what is more beneficial for him in the long run that helps both parties to the transaction.”

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