Pinduoduo works with British brands to strengthen IP protection

Pinduoduo works with British brands to strengthen IP protection

Staff Writer
Staff Writer
Pinduoduo Content Team
October 30, 2020

Pinduoduo is the second-largest e-commerce platform in China, serving almost 700 million consumers across the country. As part of its continuing efforts to improve its IP protection regime, Pinduoduo engages regularly with industry representatives to discuss and work on best practices in deterring counterfeiters and other IP infringements.

The China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) and PDD signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the presence of 15 brand representatives a tour headquarters in Shanghai on Oct. 21. Under the agreement, both parties will work on eight areas including communication with brands, upgrading of technical solutions to IP problems and product verification cooperation.

“CBBC is pleased to see PDD recognise the importance of online IP rights protection and continue to improve the IP protection platform to address the growing expectations from rights holders,” said Yuan Yuan, Director of Business Environment at CBBC. “CBBC will continue to support PDD with the upgrading of its IP protection solutions through facilitating better communications among key stakeholders and capacity building.”

All participants then engaged in a roundtable to discuss and explore solutions to IP problems faced by brands in the online environment.

To help rights holders to make better use of PDD’s online IP protection platform, CBBC and PDD held an online workshop on Oct. 13 to explain step-by-step the notice-and-takedown procedure on the IP protection platform and common mistakes made by users during the process. More than 20 brands joined the workshop. PDD will continue to organize such workshops with different associations in order to reach more rights holders.

Separately, PDD joined INTA’s Online Counterfeiting Policy Dialogue, organized by the INTA Anticounterfeiting Committee-China Subcommittee, on Oct. 22.The dialogue focused on the best practices of notice-and-takedown procedure. PDD expressed its view that a good notice-and-takedown procedure should be easily accessible, convenient, efficient and transparent.

Download the report on China's intellectual property protection practices in the e-commerce industry.

Notice-and-takedown procedure (“NTD”) is recognized worldwide as one of the most important tools for rights holders to enforce their IP rights online. To PDD, NTD is more than that. It is a collaborative effort between rights holders and the platform to protect consumers from counterfeits.

To facilitate the collaborative effort, PDD has been focusing on building an easily-accessible, convenient, efficient and transparent procedure since the beginning of our operation. We regularly review the procedure to look for ways to improve and keep pace with the explosive growth of merchants and product offerings on the PDD platform. A milestone of our NTD was the launch of the online IP protection platform at (“IP Protection Platform”), which significantly enhanced our capacity to handle notices and laid an easy path for rights holders to enforce their IP rights. Today, the IP Protection Platform handles over 150,000 complaints each month, a tenfold increase compared to the time before the launch of the platform.


• The IP Protection Platform is open to all rights holders and their authorized agents. A user can use either a mobile number or an email address to register an account.

• In mid-2019, we upgraded the IP Protection Platform to support Chinese and English to facilitate foreign rights holders, especially small- or medium-enterprises that may not have teams in China to enforce their IP rights.

• We regularly conduct workshops with trade associations and industry groups to promote the use of the IP Protection Platform and address issues rights holders may have regarding the platform.


• We designed the IP Protection Platform to be simple and straight-forward. Once a user registers an account and its IP, it is free to submit IP infringement notices against any merchant on the PDD platform.

• Video tutorials and FAQs are available on the IP Protection Platform to help the users complete the registration and notice process.

• Instead of submitting IP ownership proof for every notice, the IP Protection Platform user need only register its IP once.


• The notice procedure for alleged infringement of trademarks, copyrights, and patents are standardized. Templates of confirmation required are also made available on the IP Protection Platform. Users can quickly complete the procedure following the step-by-step guidance.

• The user can include multiple product listings in a single notice that significantly saves the users’ time and allows them to curb large-scale infringement.


• Users can check the status of their takedown notice anytime on the IP Protection Platform and view the counter-notice submitted by the merchant.

• If a takedown notice is rejected after review, the user can view the details on the IP Protection Platform.