Pinduoduo now offers dental services as part of health care push

Pinduoduo now offers dental services as part of health care push

Staff Writer
Staff Writer
Pinduoduo Content Team
June 17, 2020

· Majority of middle-aged Chinese suffer from dental problems

· PDD deepens push to meet health care needs of its 628 million users

Nine in 10 adults in China aged 45 and above have bad teeth. Tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other dental problems. Almost one in three children aged 12 have cavities. Many above 70 years of age have no teeth left at all.

These figures by the Chinese Medical Association are nothing to smile about, which is why Pinduoduo (PDD) recently held a 24-hour campaign to offer competitively priced dental packages to encourage people to visit the dentist.

The campaign on June 15 covered more than 50 cities across China, including the major first- and second-tier cities, with more than 230 participating outlets. On offer were deals ranging from ultrasonic cleaning, fillings and whitening to orthodontic braces and dental implants.

Offers for dental services on PDD.

Those in their 40s were the main buyers of dental services on PDD, while younger consumers in their early 20s and teens made up 60% of demand for dental fillings and orthodontic braces, according to PDD data.

The dental campaign is the latest in a series of healthcare-related promotions by PDD, which is deepening its push to meet the medical needs of its more than 600 million users. Both the old and young are spending more on medical, beauty and wellness-related categories, according to the e-commerce platform known for its interactive shopping and value-for-money merchandise.

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In May, for instance, searches on the platform for medical and beauty services was 700% higher than a year earlier, according to PDD data.

Last month, PDD offered discounted packages of HPV vaccinations to users in 30 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. HPV vaccines protect against infections caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), a leading cause of cervical cancer.

On May 17, PDD held a two-hour livestreaming session with several experts from Shanghai East Hospital and Tongji University School of Medicine to share their knowledge about cervical cancer and the benefits of HPV vaccines.

For PDD user Ms. Li, who bought a vaccination package, the purchase through PDD enabled her to conveniently book an appointment with the hospital to get her jab. Otherwise, the waiting time for an appointment could take months, and she’s known of people who went overseas to get the vaccination.

Among its other health-related offerings, PDD also tied up with BGI, a leading life science company, to offer coronavirus testing to individuals and companies to support the reopening of the economy. Consumers can also buy annual health checkups on the app.

PDD will continue to explore the feasibility of providing more online health-related offerings to its users whenever possible.