Pinduoduo and the rise of social commerce

Pinduoduo and the rise of social commerce

Staff Writer
Staff Writer
Pinduoduo Content Team
June 14, 2021

In this episode of the Business Breakdowns episode, host Claire Cormier Thielke interviews Pinduoduo senior director for corporate development. Xin Yi Lim.

[00:13:22] - Using internal flywheels to optimize supply chain efficiency

[00:16:10] - How Pinduoduo is a combination of Costco and Disneyland

[00:19:47] - Overview of Pinduoduo’s business model and how it has changed over time

[00:24:08] - How Pinduoduo Grocery fits in alongside their existing revenue streams

[00:29:20] - Making large-scale decisions while managing such a vast infrastructure

[00:32:44] - User base splits between secondary and primary cities

[00:36:42] - What categories of goods their platform serves

[00:40:06] - The relationship between discovery options and intentional buying

[00:42:38] - How they manage to create such a deep experience with so many brand options

[00:44:41] - The most defensible of Pinduoduo’s platform against competitors

[00:47:53] - Growth objectives for the company as they look out to the future [00:53:38]

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