Pandemic raises demand for health checks and counselling as consumers seek to stay fit in body and mind

Pandemic raises demand for health checks and counselling as consumers seek to stay fit in body and mind

Staff Writer
Staff Writer
Pinduoduo Content Team
December 31, 2020

"It's the end of the year. I will gift my family with a body checkup package."

With the New Year approaching, health-related consumption continued to rise. According to data released by Pinduoduo on Dec. 30, demand for body checkups, HPV vaccines, health counseling, and other health services started to take off since the beginning of winter. Sales of liver and stomach protection, as well as hair-loss prevention products, significantly improved. Demand for health screening packages and health care products jumped 375%.

Health has become one of the most significant focal points for many consumers this year. Regardless of age or gender, many started going for medical checkups, lifting sales to almost four times from last year. White-collar professionals purchased 100,000 checkup packages. Adult children purchased comprehensive screening packages for their elders as a show of love and appreciation, pushing sales up by 210% from the year before.

Popular items among younger consumers include vitamins, medical masks, thermometer guns and HPV vaccines.

"Health is a popular topic especially in winter. In order to make health care more affordable to accessible everyone. Pinduoduo is collaborating closely with merchants to bring more value-for-money product offerings to our consumers," a Pinduoduo spokesperson said.

Besides physical health, consumers are also taking steps to protect their mental health. Data from Pinduoduo shows that since the second half of 2020, the number of searches and orders for psychological counseling-related services has increased nearly five times from the year before. Many users choose to use psychological counseling to manage their mental health.

Perhaps a positive byproduct of the pandemic is the increased health awareness among consumers. This has led to an increase in "healthy consumption" and the trend of gifting health care services to loved ones.

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