Israeli AI imaging start-up Taranis takes to the skies to detect threats to agricultural fields

Israeli AI imaging start-up Taranis takes to the skies to detect threats to agricultural fields

Staff Writer
Staff Writer
Pinduoduo Content Team
January 21, 2021

Name of Company:


Name of founders:

Ofir Schlam, Assaf Horowitz, Eli Bukchin and Ayal Karmi.

Date of Founding:

May 2015


Taranis’s investors include K3 Ventures, Finistere Ventures, Vertex Ventures, OurCrowd, iAngels, Mindset Ventures, Gal Yarden, Hitachi Ventures, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital and Micron Ventures.

Main area of business/products:

Taranis is an Israel-based agritech company that offers a precision intelligence platform for agriculture. The company farmers with tools to monitor their farms to identify threats to their crops.

The platform applies artificial intelligence to analyze high-resolution aerial imaging and help farmers make real-time decisions to prevent crop losses from diseases, insects, weeds and nutrient deficiencies.

Taranis helps to oversee millions of acres of farmland in various parts of the world, including in the U.S. Russia, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and Ukraine.

Problem Taranis is trying to solve:

Farmers lose their crops to disease, pests and nutrient deficiencies. Taranis uses AI-driven technology to detect early signs of threats to crops and flags them for timely intervention.

Through Taranis' platform, farmers can take precise decisions and preventive measures regarding fertilizer, pesticides, and cultivation to ensure stable and maximum harvests.

For example, Taranis can detect when a weed emerges in the field and create tailored herbicide plans. It can also calculate the amounts of nutrients in vegetation, the water content in the soil, plant temperature and more.

"You keep hearing about world hunger, global warming, chemical leakages. The farming industry faces enormous challenges to cope with these issues, along with an increasing world population. Instead of being discouraged by these problems, we decided to build the technology to actually address them." -- Ofir Schlam, Taranis CEO & co-founder.

Taranis' future plans and outlook:

Taranis plans to sell their product directly and offer their solution at scale by partnering with the largest agricultural technology companies in the world. They want to help farmers maximize their harvests by applying precision and control to the agriculture sector.

This profile is part of a regular series looking at promising agtech and foodtech start-ups that are coming up with innovative solutions to overcome challenges facing the global food system and environment.