How does Pinduoduo's grocery shopping service Duo Duo Maicai work?

How does Pinduoduo's grocery shopping service Duo Duo Maicai work?

Staff Writer
Staff Writer
Pinduoduo Content Team
November 12, 2020


Duo Duo Maicai is Pinduoduo’s self pick-up grocery shopping service. The feature is available as a standalone mini-program and also part of the main Pinduoduo app. Duo Duo Maicai was introduced in August in Wuhan and Nanchang and is now available in most provinces in China.

Online grocery shopping has historically been less popular than other product categories due to entrenched shopping habits. Many households like to do their grocery shopping at wet markets or supermarkets, and for some, the daily trips are a form of social activity.

However, the consumer behavior began to shift and there was increasing demand for buying groceries online. This was especially so after many households had to buy their groceries through alternative means during the Covid-19 lockdowns in the first quarter.

How does it work?

Duo Duo Maicai is a natural extension of Pinduoduo's mobile commerce platform and an integral part of its ecosystem. For cities where the function is available, Duo Duo Maicai is featured on the main Pinduoduo app. This offers users the option to purchase a curated selection of SKUs at lower prices and pick them up locally the next day. At the same time, they can continue to enjoy the fun and interactive experience and discover other categories of value-for-money products.

Buyers can place an order for groceries through the mini-program or main app before 11 pm and pick up their orders from 4 pm onwards the following day. The pick-up points are located in the neighborhood for easy access.

Pinduoduo gathers localized information on agricultural produce available nearby, identifies and sources from qualified vendors, and curates a list of products to be offered daily. The platform then aggregates daily orders, provides the requisite fulfillment services to the neighborhood pick-up locations, and handles after-sales services.  

By matching demand from local communities with supply from local farms, Duo Duo Maicai cuts down on the time needed for transportation, minimizes wastage and also cuts down on the costs of logistics. This is especially so for leafy vegetables, which are more prone to spoilage if they have to travel long distances.

By having the consumers pick up the purchases themselves, the savings on the last-mile logistics stage can also be directed to lowering the price, making the offerings even more attractive.

What is available for purchase on Duo Duo Maicai?

Depending on availability of the items, one can buy fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, poultry, dairy products, alcohol and beverages, snacks, condiments, household necessities like detergent, and medical supplies like masks and sanitizer.