Agritech start-up Farmisphere tackles malnutrition and high middlemen costs in Nigeria

Agritech start-up Farmisphere tackles malnutrition and high middlemen costs in Nigeria

Staff Writer
Staff Writer
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January 7, 2021

Name of start-up: Farmisphere

Name of founders: Oshi Eneyi Shalom (21), Ante Joseph Okon (26)

Year of founding: 2018

Country: Nigeria

Can you briefly describe what is it that you do?

Farmisphere is an innovative start-up that offers two solutions: (1) A web-based ecommerce application that offers high-quality protein food to users from the comfort of their homes and helps farmers access a wider market right on time. (2) An innovative farming solution called SAP-Sys that allows poultry, olericulture and aquaculture to be practiced in one space, thereby maximizing profit by growing food with reduced water and feed usage. The production model is efficient, conserves space and maximizes yield per area.

What gave you the idea to start the business?

Entrepreneurship has been a natural thing for us. However, the push was different having grown up in a rural environment in the country, and we experienced high-level of malnutrition. The small holding farm that we moved to managed to produce meat, vegetables and protein-rich plants but failed due to high-level of exploitation by middlemen.

As we evolved in a world of technology, we searched for ways to incorporate digital technology in solving the current trends in a sector we have always loved. Through entrepreneurship, we hope to ensure that malnutrition is tackled, middlemen exploitation of smallholder farmers is minimized, post-harvest loss is reduced, and also the income of smallholder farmers are increased.

Our passion for affordable food and increasing small holder farmers income led us to adopt the use of digital technology to improve access to protein foods at consumers' convenience.

What problem(s) are you trying to solve?

  • Food insecurity and malnutrition
  • Low food quality and production
  • Post-harvest loss
  • Middlemen exploitation, smallholder and rural farmer poverty

What are the key obstacles for your business?

  • A major obstacle has been accessing funds to help us accelerate our solution as well as grow our impact.
  • A regulated industry such as our e-commerce system where anybody with huge funds can operate almost a monopolistic system and choke most players who have lesser funds

What is your top priority for 2021?

The pandemic has given room and amplified the importance of digital services, thereby giving a boost in terms of its usage and accessibility. A majority of consumers now prefer to order their foods and get it delivered to their doorsteps, a change from previous regular conventional practices.

This latest development has ensured we align and set out a four-pillar priority with KPIs as follows:

1. Getting more farmers (vendors) enlisted on our platform, as well as growing our customer base, branding our products and ensuring we serve the best quality of foods on our platform for their ordering and purchase.

2. Getting more partnerships, linkages and also collaborations, so as to ensure we have access to network, mentorship, and funding that can help us to scale our solutions to reach a wider market and tackle the challenges we have identified.

3. Improving and strengthening our technology to make our system widely available, more efficient and user friendly, as well as linking with the SAP-sys model and solution.

4. We would further want to grow our network and invest in attracting the right talents to scale our solution. With qualified and able employees, we believe we can rapidly upscale, remain relevant and unbeatable within the industry. We  seek to incorporate those with a systemic social entrepreneurial mindset.

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