10 Precision Agriculture Companies That Are Changing the Farming Industry

10 Precision Agriculture Companies That Are Changing the Farming Industry
External Guest Writer
January 27, 2021

For the past few years, the agricultural market has undergone a lot of different changes. From farm robotics to new artificial intelligence management softwares to novel farming systems, everything seems to be heading in the right direction. 

But aside from these new innovations there are also new precision agriculture companies that are developing technologies to help farmers achieve better productivity, efficiency and quality in their crops. By providing them with more accurate techniques for planning and farming, these precision agriculture companies are doing their part in pushing the industry to greater heights.

Here are the top and leading precision agriculture companies that are changing the farming landscape.

Precision Agriculture Companies: 10 Companies to Watch Out For

1. Mothive

Mothive is a London-based automated agronomy service that designs smart IoT hardware and software solutions for farmers. These solutions collect and analyze data from any location to help farmers with their decision-making process, offering better efficiency and smarter choices in the farming business.

One of the company’s products is the Ladybird, a program that gives farmers a simple and affordable solution to reduce the risk in their farming decisions and operations. In turn, it gives better value for the crop yields. It works by informing the farmers in real time about the most optimal period to harvest and even helps them protect their crops from potential diseases.

2. CropX

CropX is an agricultural analytics company that creates and develops cloud-based softwares to boost crops yield and conserve water and energy. These solutions are paired with wireless sensors to achieve advanced monitoring. 

The company is also known for generating irrigation maps that can be used to automatically apply the right amount of water to any field’s different parts.

3. Arable

Arable is the world’s first agricultural data and analytics company that is known for offering the world’s first IoT-enabled irrigation management tool, weather station and crop monitor in one system — the Arable Mark. 

Arable Mark is a solar-powered and data-driven system that connects farmers’ decisions, plant insights, and weather observations to actionable outcomes. This allows farmers to save time and money by reducing the different risk factors related to farming operations.

4. Ceres Imaging

Ceres Imaging is an aerial spectral imagery and analytics company that empowers farmers and growers to create the best optimal solutions for their water and fertilizer applications. The company does this by having low-flying planes capture high-resolution multispectral images with intelligent image processing and other crop modeling techniques.

5. Gamaya

Gamaya is a Swiss smart farming company that offers unique farmland diagnostics services to prevent early detection of disease, pests, and stress in crops. 

Behind this service is their breakthrough imaging technology that allows farmers to achieve better economic gains and obtain better percentages in their farming operations. This includes 30% yield increase, 40% cost reduction and a 70% decrease in disease-related risks. 

6. AgriData

AgriData is an agritech company that seeks to digitalize agriculture through its asset tracking system for permanent crops. Farmers using the technology are given the data-driven insights to better predict the quality of their yields as well as time their harvests and even reduce pest occurrences. 

7. Agrowatcher

Agrowatcher is a company that utilizes computer vision technology and multispectral imaging to uniquely identify the differences in crops. This technology allows the detection of water stress, pests and other diseases in the crops. 

All of this is captured in real time and in the most high level of precision possible. The solution that the company offers is fully automated and can even reduce labor and outdated modes of farming experiments.

8. AgEagle

AgEagle is a drone-enabled software company that designs, develops, and distributes UAVs or drones to the precision agriculture industry. In addition to becoming the industry’s trusted partner, the company has also earned its distinction by working with different companies and government agencies.

9. PrecisionHawk

PrecisionHawk is an information delivery company that performs low altitude aerial data collection and data management and analysis. They provide “drone and UAV remote sensing applications and data processing services in energy, agriculture, and telecom.”

The North Carolina-based company helps farmers and different agricultural businesses to make the best operation decisions through their data collection and analysis management.

10. Aker Technologies

Aker Technologies is an agriculture data company that provides crop intelligence and in-season analytics to help farmers adopt better precision farming and precision agriculture practices in their own operations

The company’s services include a patented computer vision and biometric sensors and smart software and service solutions.