10 Best Farming Apps for Your Agricultural Business

10 Best Farming Apps for Your Agricultural Business
External Guest Writer
May 11, 2022

Technology is playing a crucial role in helping farmers around the world optimize their processes. This is evident when examining the number of agriculture apps designed to help agricultural business. As there are more options to choose from than ever before, we examine the 10 best farming apps for agricultural businesses below.

10 Best Farming Apps You Should Always Farm With


FarmHand is considered to be one of the best farming apps designed to help solve the age-old problem of understaffed farms. It does this by helping farmers connect with job seekers in the industry. The app has a useful feature that allows applicants to list their work experience so that businesses can find the right personnel. The ratings and reviews system also ensures that applicants can connect with the business that best suits their needs.


AgFuse was  developed by a farmer from South Carolina to help farmers connect with agricultural professionals. It is a social networking app that removes unwanted distractions that come from using other social media platforms by keeping the focus firmly fixed on farming. There are over 4,000 users currently on this app, each of whom utilize it to advertise various events, offer hacks for farming problems, share knowledge and resources, and publish articles related to farming.

Ag Butler

Ag Butler is yet another app that is focused on connecting farmers with labor associated with the industry. It is possible for businesses to use filters that sort applicants based on rating, location, work experience, and availability. Additionally, the app also divided labor based on three distinct categories - transportation, crops, and livestock. This makes it easier for businesses to narrow down on the type of help they are searching for.

Open Range

Open Range app developed by an Arkansas cattle producer to help farmers purchase and sell livestock, as well as any equipment they may need related to the field. Some of the other features of this application involve dedicated sections for people looking to sell handmade goods, and for individuals looking for jobs in the livestock industry. 

Tractor Zoom

Finding used farm equipment can be quite a chore, especially for individuals and businesses who are new to the field and do not have a wide network. This is where Tractor Zoom comes in, an app that helps those in need of various types of used farm equipment connect with relevant sellers. It utilizes an auction system where sellers can create accounts to list out the equipment they are looking to find buyers for. This makes it easier for farmers and businesses to search and find the precise type of equipment they are seeking. The auction alert function helps notify users whenever a relevant piece of equipment has been placed on sale that was previously unavailable. 

This platform has become extremely popular in recent times, and this is evidenced by the fact that over 250 farm equipment auction companies are currently utilizing this app.

Farmland Finder

Finding real estate is never an easy task, especially when it comes to the agricultural sector. Farmlands rarely go on sale in the desired location, and finding the ideal connection before the land goes off the market can be extremely tricky.

Farmland finder was designed to solve this very issue, seeking to optimize and modernize the farm buying sector for all parties involved. Buyers are able to sign up for this app for free in order to browse their listings and find a property that closely matches their needs. A premium subscription also allows users to access various pieces of vital information such as satellite imagery analysis, yield-related information, soil mapping, and comparable sales data. This ensures that sellers have to be accurate about their farm data and acreage value. It also ensures that the sellers always find the right price for their farmland.

Take Action

One of the major problems faced by farmers today has to do with herbicide-resistant weeds that are robbing them of their yields. Take action is an app that provides agricultural professionals with vital information that helps them diversify their herbicide protocols. The objective of this app is to provide farmers with various science-based resources in order to optimize their pest management protocols. It is part of the larger Take Action Project that operates with a similar objective.

Cool Farm Tool

Cool farm tool is an online water, biodiversity, and greenhouse gas calculator that helps farmers accurately calculate their carbon credit. It can be used to quantify the various farm management practices currently engaged by a business. This helps them understand various implications related to the practice such as whether or not it is profitable to scale a certain practice across larger sections of the field. It is simple to use and only requires farmers to input relevant data related to farm area, crop-protection management practices, soil cultivation methods, etc. and the app does the rest.

Farm Dog

Scouting data can be difficult to manage for farmers, which is why Farm dog is proving to be an invaluable addition to the industry. It has a customizable scouting functionality that helps connect soil information and aerial imagery to help make sense of the data. It also has the option of providing a method for recording and tracking in-field observations so that the overall team communication can be optimized.

Climate App

Keeping track of the climate and daily weather patterns is priceless to farmers as their earnings are closely related to this information. The Climate App helps to publish various maps that feature information to recent weather highs and lows, as well as soil temperatures.

Answers Galore

The agriculture apps listed above are diverse and cover a wide range of activities related to the agricultural industry. They are applications that tackle novel problems faced by farmers alone, and provide solutions in a cheap and effective manner. The future of farming is closely related to the development of more such agriculture apps that can make farming an easy and care-free profession.