Cellular Agriculture Companies: Firms Growing Sustainable Meats

Cellular Agriculture Companies: Firms Growing Sustainable Meats
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May 19, 2021

Traditional farming and livestock practices are causing an enormous strain on our planet. The current cost of rearing beef, chicken, lamb, and seafood has become highly unsustainable and is one of the leading contributors of global warming. 

The water footprint of raising animals in farms, for example, is truly enormous and unreasonable. It takes 1,799 gallons of water currently to produce one pound of beef. At this rate, most of our precious resources will be depleted in our attempts to consume meat.

In order to tackle these important issues, numerous companies around the world have taken to cellular agriculture. This involves using biotechnology, molecular biology, tissue engineering, and synthetic biology to produce cell cultures of proteins, fats, and other vital consumables.

We list out the leading cellular agricultural companies in this article and discuss their mission, background and achievements in growing sustainable meats.

Top Cellular Agriculture Companies Around the World

Here is a comprehensive list of the leading cellular agriculture companies from around the world. You can find important information regarding these cellular agriculture companies below.


Meatable is the leading name when it comes to the segment of cellular agriculture. This brand was founded in 2018 in the Netherlands, but has quickly made a mark on the industry. They use cellular agriculture to grow various forms of cell-based meats. Their proprietary technique involves the use of induced pluripotent stem cells in order to produce fresh and healthy meat.

The method involves drawing samples from an unharmed pig or cow and using their proprietary process to replicate the natural growth of fat and muscle cells. They then mix these two elements together in order to produce their meats. While traditional methods take three years to develop meats in farms from cows, Meatable is able to replicate this process in just a few weeks.

New Age Meats

New Age Meats is one of the leading cellular agriculture companies from the United States. Established in 2017, this company aims to make meats better while also improving the impact on animal welfare, human health, and the environment.

Their process involves combining plant-based ingredients with cultured animal meat. This is known to boost the overall experience of meat consumption without being toxic to the environment. 

The brand grows real meat in their labs with the help of unharmed animal cells, and then adds plant-based ingredients to boost the nutrition, taste, and texture of their products.

Wild Earth

Wild Earth is another popular cellular agriculture company hailing from the United States and was founded in 2017. They specialize in using cellular agriculture to produce high quality dog food. Their formula involves the use of a fungi-based protein that is supposed to be extremely nutritious and delicious. Their promise of low environmental footprint with superior nutrition has really struck a chord with their customer base.

Consuming their brand of dog food helps pets gain more energy, fend off allergies, achieve a shinier coat, and maintain an ideal weight.

Shiok Meats

Shiok Meats is a Singapore-based cellular agriculture company that’s been operational since 2018. They utilize cellular agriculture to grow cell-based versions of seafood. The overfishing of our oceans has become a cause of genuine concern, which is why Shiok Meats focuses on solving this issue by improving the access to sustainable seafood.

It is the first company of its kind in Singapore and South-East Asia, and they are currently producing various types of seafood such as crabs, lobsters, shrimps, and crustaceans. They are also the first brand in the world to utilize cellular agriculture technology to grow seafood. 

Based on recent estimations, the cell culture company will be ready to commercialize all their products on a large scale as early as 2022.

The Good Food Institute

Founded in 2016 in the United States, the Good Food Institute is a non-profit cellular agriculture outfit that is focused on accelerating the innovation of alternative forms of protein. They utilize cultured meat, cultivated meat, plant-based meat, and fermentation processes to produce foods that can reduce the environmental impact of our consumption. 

Their aim also includes reducing the spread of zoonotic diseases and eventually feeding larger volumes of people while utilizing fewer resources.


BlueNalu is another company that is solely focused on producing seafood with the help of cellular agricultural practices. They utilize fish cells to grow their products and they take pride in creating meats that are healthy for humans, humane for animals, and entirely sustainable for the planet.

Established in 2017 in the United States, BlueNalu is currently pioneering a method of production known as cellular aquaculture. Here, living cells are carefully isolated from the fish tissue, after which they are placed into a culture media for the sake of proliferation. Finally, the end product is assembled to produce various types of fresh and frozen seafood.

They intend on using a large retail chain and the food service markets to be able to make their products in various markets around the world in the near future.

Future Meat Technologies

Future Meat Technologies was founded in Israel in 2017. This biotech firm focuses on the distributive manufacturing of muscle and fat cells in order to increase food safety and reduce the overall impact of the meat industry on the environment.

They utilize GMO-free animal cells to grow various cells in their patented bioreactors. These bioreactors are meant to replace the concept of barns, coops, and meat processing factories in the near future. 

Future Meat Technologies claims that their methods are cost-effective and sustainable, while their meats are indistinguishable from animal-based meats. They have achieved rapid growth cycles, and this allows them to ramp up their productivity in order to create immense volumes of meat in double time.

Avant Meats

Founded in Hong Kong in 2018, Avant Meats uses cell technology to customize and cultivate premium quality fish products based on the demands of the marketplace. Their production is conducted in a clean and controlled environment, while their products are free from harmful substances such as microplastics and heavy metals.

They are also far more efficient when compared to traditional methods of farming fish. They are able to cultivate exactly what they need without producing any wastes. This helps to lower costs and also reduces the impact on the environment.

Thanks to this method, it is possible to consume premium quality seafood without engaging in the continuous process of catching or slaughtering sea life.

Reimagining Meats

Cellular agriculture is showing us the way as the top companies mentioned above are able to grow delicious meats without harming any animals or the environment. Ideally, cell-based meats will be available in markets around the world in a few more years. Everyone will then be able to enjoy their meat without the accompanying guilt that is troubling so many lately.