10 Automation and Robotics Companies Disrupting the Agriculture Industry

10 Automation and Robotics Companies Disrupting the Agriculture Industry
External Guest Writer
January 27, 2021

Automation and robotics continue to influence and alter our lives in many different ways. They make operations easier, faster and more efficient. So it’s no longer a surprise that several industries have started fully embracing the latest in the field’s technology.

Now, robots, machine learning and automation tech have also started changing the way farmers and businesses operate in the agriculture industry. Prices are now significantly reduced for consumers, labor costs are more efficiently reduced, and a lot of operational time is dedicated to research and development.

From agricultural robotic applications to self-driving farm machinery, here are the 10 agricultural robotics companies that are changing the industry.

1. Abundant Robotics

Abundant Robotics is a California-based agricultural robotics company that delivers robotic systems for the hardest jobs in agriculture. Made up by a team of robotics experts and researchers, the company works on breaking new grounds and innovations in different domains. 

Over the last two years, the company has spent its time focusing on solving hard problems in agriculture and creating products based on their research. Today, the company is proud to be the world’s first commercial robotic apple harvest.

2. Agrobot

Agrobot is an agricultural robotics company that offers disruptive and practical approaches to the farming industry, along with building smart farming machinery. They are considered the “experts in mechatronics and pioneers in the field of agricultural robotics.”

Today, the company’s lineup of products include the Bug Vaccum, an “insect vacuum robot that performs way more efficient, accurate and cost-effective than any other comparable solution,” and the E-Series, a robotic line that is considered the first pre-commercial robotic harvesters for gently harvest strawberries.

3. American Robotics

American Robotics is an agricultural robotics company that specializes in developing industrial drones for rugged, real-world environments. They have the distinction of being the only company approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate automated drones without humans on-site.

Apart from their lineup of drones, the company also develops smart AI solutions and an analytics platform that provides insights to growers and researchers in different agricultural locations.

4. Bear Flag Robotics

Bear Flag Robotics is an American-based agricultural robotics company founded “to reduce the cost of growing food while increasing global food production through automation technology.” The company does this by building best-in-class autonomous technologies for agriculture equipment.

5. Blue River Technology

Blue River Technology is an agri robotics company that is behind the development and creation of the next generation of smart agriculture equipment and machinery. Their products and services include the See & Spray technology, a precise herbicide sprayer that accurately deploys herbicides only where they’re needed.

Their technology helps farmers in the agriculture scene to control and prevent cases of herbicide-resistant weeds and crops, giving them more potential to use other herbicides that are not appropriate for broadcast-spraying.

6. ecoRobotix

ecoRobotix is an agri robotics company behind the first autonomous machine for weeding crops, meadows and intercropping cultures. The company develops and sells groundbreaking farming machines that conserve energy and promote better ecological impact.

7. Rabbit Tractors

Rabbit Tractors is an agri robotics company that offers farm utility robots in the form of autonomous, multi-purpose, compact and swarm-enabled farm vehicles.

The company’s farm robots-vehicles are known to help farmers in reducing labor costs, increasing crop yields, and boosting operational efficiency.

8. Rowbot

Rowbot is an agri robotics developer that seeks to pioneer and offer robotic solutions for row crop agriculture. Farmers can achieve better operational efficiency and performance using their machine — a small, self-driving, multi-use platform that can pass through different rows of corn and remove height constraints posed by fast-growing crops.

9. Small Robot Company

Small Robot Company is an agri robotics developer and company that reimagines farming using robots and artificial intelligence. They are behind different farming robot machinery that can seed and care for every plant and provide accurate levels of nutrients with near-zero waste. 

With this technology, farmers and growers can achieve operational farming efficiency, better crop yields and improved revenue growth.

10. Soft Robotics

Soft Robotics is a smart and technology-powered agri robotics company that uses unique grasping, 3D perception, and AI technologies to “enable machine builders to deliver reliable, high performance picking solutions for variable, irregular, and delicate products.”

The Soft Robotics System is made up of the soft robotic gripper, a farming control system and software that can operate items of different sizes, shapes and weights using a single device.