20 Agtech Startups to Watch in 2021

20 Agtech Startups to Watch in 2021
External Guest Writer
January 27, 2021

The rise of agritechnology in the past few years has given way to a host of new possibilities in farming and agriculture. From cutting down production costs, enhancing food crop yields to boosting overall productivity, it’s no doubt that agritech’s effects and benefits will only continue to improve in time.

Joining these developments and innovations are a handful of promising companies in the ag tech startup scene. 

Whether it’s tracking harvests, building greenhouses or providing AI-driven services to farmers and companies, these ag tech companies are all committed to providing smart and creative solutions to feed the world.

From industry favorites to upcoming heavyweights, here are the 20 agriculture technology startups to watch out for in 2021.

Top 20 Ag tech Startups to Watch in 2021

a robot pollinating fruits and vegetables

1. Connectera

Founded in 2015, Connectera is an Amsterdam-based technology company that “helps to run the most efficient dairy farm by working with farmers to identify issues, recommend solutions and streamline operations.” 

Their mission is to train Artificial Intelligence to learn how to farm, so they can empower farmers of all sizes to increase productivity of their farms, while reducing the impact of farming on the planet.

They have developed IDA, an AI-enabled dairy assistant that connects farmers and the value chain to identify issues on farm, recommend solutions and support farmers to make the transition to sustainable farming and agriculture.

2. Kiwi Technologies

Founded in 2017, Kiwi Technologies is the “developer of an unmanned aerial vehicle paired with a custom-designed ground support platform designed to deliver the standard volumes of chemicals and seeds that are needed by commercial farms.” 

Furthermore, this vehicle features an “easy-to-use flight planner that uses GPS technology to ensure even and comprehensive coverage of the farm and offers a safe and precise application that avoids over-spray while limiting runoff, enabling farmers to use the autonomous, GPS and radar guided system to get exactly the coverage that they want and where they require it.”

3. Provivi

Provivi is a technology company founded in 2013 by Nobel Laureate Dr. Frances Arnold and co-founders Pedro Coelho and Peter Meinhold with the mission of “applying state of the art technologies to improve life and aspirations of farmers across the globe.”

The company is known for developing natural and affordable pheromone products as a way to control pests and protect the quality of food crop yields.

4. Terramera

Founded in 2010, Terramera is a “global agtech leader fusing science, nature and artificial intelligence to create game-changing technologies that can solve some of the world's biggest problems.”

Their revolutionary technology, touted the “Actigate™ technology platform,” is known to “reduce synthetic chemical loads and make organic alternatives more effective.” This makes farming healthier, more sustainable and productive. 

As a testament to the ag tech leader’s status in the industry, their technology is recognized as a World Changing Idea by Fast Company and is even projected to reduce the global synthetic pesticide load by 80% by 2030.

5. Livestock Water Recycling

Livestock Water Recycling is a patented nutrient recovery platform that is considered the  world’s leading provider of manure treatment technology. 

The company reduces the volume of livestock manure by using their own LWR System. This system and technology works by concentrating nutrients into food crop fertilizers and transforming them into a clean source of water. 

Their technology allows farmers and different agricultural companies to achieve a cleaner and greener manure management system and provides about 20-30% return on investment.

6. Intelliconn

Intelliconn is an agritech start up that seeks to create new technologies and systems to solve the problems facing agriculture today such as grain spoilage, grain quality consistency, and sampling difficulties. 

Through its VeriGrain automated sampling and data management system, the company is able to automate sampling for a more accurate and representative grain sampling.

7. EarthSense

EarthSense is an agritech company that develops ultracompact and autonomous robots for food crop breeders, scientists and farm growers. 

Their technology led them to develop and create their own autonomous robot, TerraSentia. This smart agritech robot features an entire lineup of sensors that collect data from plants and crops, allowing farmers and scientists to determine data-driven decisions that will directly affect their crops’ health, physiology and stress response.

8. Biome Makers

Biome Makers is a global agritech company that offers the leading soil tech platform BeCrop. It measures the biological quality of different farm soils and delivers agronomic insights to farmers to better optimize farm operations. 

Through this platform and technology, both customers and farmers are given data-driven and scientific insights that enable them to make the best decision for their farms and crops. 

9. Verdical

Verdical is an automated indoor gardening system and platform that allows restaurants and other food-related businesses to grow their greens and other produce with a single swipe. 

Restaurants and other businesses can greatly eliminate and improve their supply chain by letting consumers interact with their ingredients through the platform. 

10. Kakaxi

Built on the idea and importance of farm-to-table transparency, Kakaxi is an AI solar-powered farm monitoring device that allows conscious users to properly monitor and grow their food crops. 

By using the latest smart technologies in agritech, the platform allows users to monitor food growth and weather data to make for smarter farming decisions. The platform also fills farmers in on important details derived through a time-lapse video of the food’s growth.

11. Kray Technologies

As the creator of the world’s first digital and fully unmanned drone crop sprayer, Kray Technologies is known in the industry as the most efficient form of crop protection application to date.

These drones — meant to replace AG planes — can precisely deliver on-demand fertilizers and pesticides right into farmers’ crops and products. This new technology allows farmers to cut down costs significantly and invest in other growth areas and techniques in farming.

12. Motorleaf

Motorleaf is an AI technology company that offers artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide accurate predictions and insights for greenhouse operations.

Users are equipped with software tools and the technology to better understand growing conditions and yield forecasts and make data-driven marketing, labour and operational decisions.

13. Trapview

Trapview is an automated pest monitoring and forecasting platform that provides farmers with near real-time indications of pest occurrences. The pest monitoring data allows users to make smarter and more practical decisions in managing pest control and management.

14. AgriWebb

AgriWebb is a farm management software that keeps track of records and assists in audit and accreditations to help farmers improve operational efficiency and make better decisions.

The software produces easy reports on livestock performance, paddock efficiency, cost of production and more. Additionally, it also does the full range of management tasks related to farming such as planning, inventory, tasks, biosecurity and more.

15. BioFiltro

BioFiltro is an international wastewater filtration company that offers a patented worm powered wastewater treatment technology that utilizes the digestive power of worms and microbes to remove up to 99% of impurities from wastewater. 

The company has a proven track record of over four decades, and operates in over 180 plants worldwide, and filters billions of gallons per year of industrial and municipal wastewater.

16. Smallhold

Smallhold is the first organic mushroom farm in NYC that allows restaurants, grocery stores and other food-related businesses to grow their own mushrooms and greens on-site.

The company has so far been featured in several mainstream publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Bon Appetit.

17. Vibe Imaging Analytics

Vibe Imaging Analytics is an agritech company that offers an accurate and reliable grain analyzer called Vibe QM. The analyzer is being used to inspect measure, count and classify grain size, shape, and color through machine vision technology.

18. Vence Corp

Vence Corp is an agritech company that develops software for virtual fencing and autonomous animal control. They also offer wearable devices for livestock which helps in reducing fencing and labor expenses on livestock farms. As of today, Vence only serves farmers and the livestock industry in the state of California in the US.

19. Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots is a leading organic gardening company in the US that aims to reconnect people with food by giving them the opportunity to grow it at home and on-site themselves.

So far the company has developed multiple indoor gardening kits such as growing mushrooms, hemps and many more.

20. AgDraft

AgDraft is an online Australian marketplace that allows farmers to find job opportunities in the agriculture industry. Billed as the “LinkedIn for agriculture,” the online platform connects thousands of farmers to different skilled workers and uses a thorough reviewing system to build and establish ties between the two parties.